Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"sweet 16" recipe suggestions for healing (a.k.a. - syracuse orange is going down)

The "Sweet 16" is around the corner, so I thought I'd share some good game time recipe options from the site.  Whether it's a simple snack, a more filling main course, or a refreshing drink you're looking for, there should be something for just about everyone.

I lived in Indiana my whole childhood through high school, but we moved to major Hoosier Country when I was in eighth grade.  In Dubois Co., Big Red was the drink of choice, there was a basketball goal in practically every driveway, and Larry Byrd was a common household name. 

Friday nights at Memorial Gym were some of the best I remember... smelling the popcorn, playing in the pep band, circling the top while hanging out with my best friend, Ang'.  There were numerous heart-stopping, down-to-the-wire shoot-outs, and our Southridge Raiders made the trek to State more than once.  I loved my time there, and that is where I learned to love basketball as well. Little did I know just a handful of years later, I'd marry a coach and spend even more time in small and large gyms throughout Indiana and Tennessee cheering on the teams and my husband.  

It goes without saying, tomorrow night at 8:45 will be big-time exciting in our house.  IU will take on Syracuse in style, I assure you.  And, by the way.  If any of you are rooting for the Orange, make sure you have some good grub in hand.  

It'll make the loss a little easier to swallow...