Tuesday, August 9, 2016

the lazy daisy creates - rope word signs

There are a few words that are favorites of mine.  Hope...  Blessed...  Joy.


It was a word I first remember hearing when I was very young.  The theme of a children's Sunday school song, my compadres and I would sing it 'til we were blue in the face (at the top of our lungs, I might add).

"I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!"  

You know it, right?  Maybe you sang it, too.  It was such a fun song to sing, and, still, to this day, it gets any children's group I might be leading just as fired up.

It's timeless.

This word has been a pretty regular one within our world lately, as John has led our youth group, and as a result his family, in thinking about the importance of joy.  Why it's better than "happy."  Why it's a constant state of being and not just a consequence of life's events or moments.  Why, as Christians, we're called to produce it, a natural fruit of the Spirit Who lives within us.

So, when church camp came along this summer, and the craft cabin was opened, I was very excited to find all the necessary supplies were available to get busy coming up with a way to feature this word. You can easily see how any word could be used.  Just make sure to attach as many boards as needed to provide ample room for the length of the word.  Such a simple, effective way to feature what matters and a wonderful gift idea!


Line up number of desired wood slats needed for the length of the word, and attach with nails to a base scrap piece of "1 by", as seen here.  I used 1-inch nails with small heads... about two for each slat.

Next, lay out your word with the rope to get a general idea of how much you'll need, making sure to cut it a bit longer than needed, just in case.

Finally, attach the rope with 1-inch nails, beginning with the first letter.  It doesn't take many nails to hold it down, as the nail heads really work well to keep the rope in place.  You can see how it works here.