Friday, July 12, 2013

high five for friday

This is my first HF4F, linking up with a fabulous blog I've been reading lately, Lauren Elizabeth.  I love the idea of giving snippets of the five best highlights of the week.  The only problem?  Narrowing it down to five!!!

1.  Took the youth group to Holiday World.  It's come a long way from the push-start
     roller coaster I grew up riding!

2.  $90-plus suit for right under $10 - big-time score!

3.  Licking chocolate buttercream frosting from the beaters while playing in the water
     equals perfect Summer day.

4.  One of three bass I caught at Mom's and Dad's lake.  Brings back tons of memories.

5.  Sunset over the lake just one of the nights we were there... God sure didn't have to do 
     that, but I'm so glad He did!

Happy Friday!