Saturday, June 8, 2013

saturday morning love - word pancakes

I don't think breakfast can get any more fun, do you?  I had a couple of happy kiddos!  You will too.  Enjoy your Saturday! 

Word Pancakes

  • 1 batch of your favorite pancake batter 
  • 1 plastic squeeze bottle
  • 1 griddle
  • 1 family to share in the fun
~ Preheat griddle until water drops "dance" on top.  Mine is perfect at 375 degrees.
~ Pour batter into the squeeze bottle; tip needs to be cut to about 1/8 inch opening to 
    allow for steady flow.
~ Shake batter towards the tip side, so that no air bubbles disrupt the flow.  
~ Squirt away.  It's SO FUN!

Tips and Tricks
Do a small test run.  If needed, add a bit more water to thin or batter to thicken.  But as with any pancake batter recipe, over stirring will toughen the results.