Sunday, December 10, 2017

the lazy daisy creates ~ don't throw away that sweater!

Nearly twenty years ago, I purchased a great wool'ish sweater at a second-hand shop and wore it like crazy.  Stretched out, with a couple of tiny holes, it has made its way into a throw-away pile more than once, but I kept pulling it back out thinking there surely would be something I could use it for. The color and feel of it always made me think about our house in the colder months, and its warm, nubby ribbing convinced me to hold onto it.

Enter the Green's Holiday Decorating Season 2017, and I pulled out these great old, heavy (and kind of large) candle holders I bought about as many years ago as the sweater.  I've used them for other things besides candle holders, but this year I wanted to use them for their intended purpose. The only thing is that they're pretty large bases for the size candles I have, and the larger candles I already had in the closet were in glass containers and were red.  They looked OK on the stands on our mantel as they were, but I really wanted something more neutral and, well, wooly looking.



Long story, short, I went digging through my mounds of old material scraps and found the sweater I had held onto for just a time as this.  I carefully cut the ribbing off the wrists and slipped them over the glass candle containers.  It was just what I had wanted in no time, flat!

I am super-excited to come up with a way to use the ribbing around the waist.  I could definitely see it fitting cozily around something and "fastening" it with some chunky wooden buttons.  My creative wheels are spinning, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my "new" candles.  You never know what twenty years of waiting will bring you!