Saturday, April 22, 2017

DIY wall storage for fruits and veggies

We have a narrow section of wall that faces into our kitchen seating area, but is completely open to our living space.  I have looked at for over two years wondering what in the world I could put there.  It didn't seem right for photos, I didn't want to just go buy any ol' wall art to fill it up, and I really, really wanted to find something with some depth and texture while keeping the rustic natural feel of our furniture and color scheme.  Meanwhile, I had potatoes, onions, and an assortment of other produce that I kept moving from inside a cabinet, to the steps of the garage, to the counter, never really finding a place for those to land.  And then one day I had an idea.  Why not combine the two problems and find one solution?!?  I explained my idea to John, he looked at me like I had three heads, I gave him my, "Just think about it" spiel, as I held up this and that to mimic the picture in my mind, and then he was sold.

I have really enjoyed what we've done with an old ladder that belonged to John's dad, three baskets from the bathroom section at Walmart, and twine.  After taking apart the ladder, John attached wall hangers like these to the back of it on the sides of the highest rung.  I used a HUGE needle with a large eye to thread my twine and "sewed" through the back of both sides of the baskets and around each rung for what felt like a hundred times to ensure it could hold the weight of the produce.  John put a couple of anchors in the wall with heavy duty screws, and the "wall art" was finished.  I had space for storage, as well as the depth and texture I was hoping for, and it has been a great conversation piece.

Some still may look at the finished product - then me - like I have three heads, but we love all things distressed, food-related, and farmers-market-like.  It's right up our alley and thanks to the great prices at Walmart, it cost less than $30 to make.  I couldn't be happier!