Tuesday, August 2, 2016

tuesday tip - collecting fresh corn kernels

This last Saturday, we had our neighbors dear friends over for the fish tacos featured in my last post.  As an appetizer, we had fresh corn chowder, which required many ears of corn to be shucked, cut from the cob, and the cobs "milked."  Man, it was so good.  Cobs and all were slow cooked in the crock pot for nearly eight hours, then pureed and topped with a buttered shrimp garnish.  We really enjoyed it, but I was unable to get a picture, so I can't post it yet.  (Bummer.  I guess I'll have to make it again.)  

I was really glad I caught this tip in one of my editions of Cooks Country Magazine a couple of years back.  It is such a good one and helped me get the kernels off the cobs and contained in no time, flat.  

As pictured here, stand the cob up on the center of an inverted bundt cake pan placed inside a larger bowl. Cut and scrape kernels and cobs for little mess and tons of flavor!