Thursday, August 14, 2014

plain ol' vanilla ice cream

It wasn't too long after we started visiting our current church congregation that we took part in their "Ice Cream Supper."  With my love of ice cream and all, you can imagine the points they scored with me when I read that in the "upcoming events" section of the bulletin.

It was everything I imagined it would be.  Old-fashioned.  Homey.  Delicious.  Everyone who brought a freezer full walked in the door a little taller, a little more confident, a little more eager, as if to say, 

"You think hers is good… wait'll you try this!"  

We've continued to have the suppers over the years, and it's a hit without fail.  The event is no respecter of age or level of expertise, and we all know some good milk, sugar… maybe a little fruit here, or a bit of chocolate there... is a winner every time.

At our last get-together a few weeks ago, I didn't take the preparation on as some big challenge out to win a blue ribbon.  I didn't pour through cookbooks or websites to try to find some obscure concoction.  I actually just considered the basics and came up with what I ended up calling, Plain Ol' Vanilla.  I didn't really mean to call it exactly that, but when my freezer was placed amid flavors like Peppermint Cream and Sunshine Berry, I found myself referring to it as Plain Ol' Vanilla with every patron that passed.

I was pleased that many came back and asked for seconds, and when one suggested it was the best vanilla ice cream they'd ever had, I knew I needed to share it with you, because listen to me, friends - it is SO. SO. EASY.  And after it has cured a while in the freezer, it scoops out beautifully.  

I'm milking the last of  the summer days for all their worth.  We're bound to have a few more in the 90's with high humidity, especially in these parts.  If you're needing a cool-down, gather just a few staples you probably already have in your pantry and whip up a batch of this.  I'm tellin' ya.  Plain never tasted so good!  

Plain Ol' Vanilla Ice Cream
makes 1.5 quarts
  • one 8 oz carton whipped topping
  • 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 3/4 tbsp vanilla 
  • 5 tbsp confectioner's sugar
  • enough milk to make 2 quarts
~  After whipped topping has thawed completely, in large measuring bowl, mix together 
    topping, condensed milk, vanilla and confectioner's sugar with whisk until fully blended.

~ Add enough milk to make 2 quarts.  

~ Pour mixture into ice cream stand and freeze according to manufacturer's directions.

Recipe from The Lazy Daisy Kitchen