Monday, September 16, 2013

roasted tomato crostini

To those of you who might check the blog frequently for new posts, bless you for being patient with me.  We are no closer to finding a new house to move into, but we do finally feel like we have "found our groove," as John put it yesterday, in our current place.  At the very least, we know where socks and underwear now are!

I thought this was a perfect recipe to use up the last of Summer's tomato bounty.  It would be beautiful with a collection of heirlooms.  These are obviously perfect appetizers, but paired with a salad of some sort, they could certainly round out a nice garden lunch as well.

I have more to come, and no more waiting days upon days for it either.  I'm happy to say our temp-kitchen was cookin' over the weekend!

Have a great week!

Roasted Tomato Crostini
  • handful of cherry tomatoes
  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • garlic clove/s
  • thyme
  • kosher salt
  • brown sugar
  • crushed red pepper
  • ricotta cheese
  • favorite toasted bread
~ Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

~ Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place tomatoes on top.

~ Mince garlic and add to tomatoes.

~ Drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sprinkle a bit of salt, sugar, thyme and red 
    pepper flakes.  Stir around.

~ Roast in oven until tomatoes burst and garlic and tomatoes are tender, about 25-30

~ Remove from oven and smear toast with ricotta cheese.  Cover with tomato mixture and