Friday, September 20, 2013

high five for friday

I'm longing for the day that I get on to blog and have a new house to announce.  The next few High Five for Friday's, I'm going to be crossing my fingers that one of the five "highs" is a new home for the fam.  

But until then, this is what I have to celebrate.  And, truth be told, I wouldn't change a thing.

High Five for Friday!

1. I had one of the most unexpected surprises from my dear co-workers that included this bracelet with my two favorite words in the world.  I can't even imagine life without my sweet friends.  And if you can't imagine life without a bracelet like this, visit Lenny & Eva.  Beautiful.

2. After nine years, John has returned to Mustang football and Lipscomb.  With a 4 and 0 season so far, the Mustang stampede can't be stopped.  Man, I love this game.

3. Daniel is full-throttle football, and loves to turn up his jets on the field.  A Colt today, a Mustang tomorrow.  Needless to say, our blood runs purple and gold.

4. I'm not big on doing too much stuff for the sake of "looking younger," but I do want my makeup to stay put after I've taken the time to put it on.  I've tried a lot of primers, and even though this doesn't advertise itself as such, it acts just like one.  I wouldn't be without it!

5. One of those unique, fun gifts from the cool toy section at Cracker Barrell, these drinking straw "glasses" have given us a ton of laughs.  And, yes.  I'm certain we're breaking every table manner rule in the book.