Friday, July 26, 2013

high five for friday

I'm hoping you have had a great week!  I am in complete shock with our weather over the last few days.  If anyone had predicted there would be low humidity and mid-80's in Nashville at the end of July, I would have said they were nuts!  We had a youth event last night, and we spent part of the time outside.  I had to slip on my sweater.  Of course, to my co-workers who watch me turn on my little heater in my office at least once a day - whether it's July or January - this should come as no surprise.  But, seriously.  I really needed the sweater.  What a gorgeous evening it was! 

Here's to hoping it's a beauty of a weekend, too!  Time with family along with my mixer and stove... couldn't get any better in my book.

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

1. Mimi came down for a visit and brought a HUGE surprise!  Cousin Abbey!  The boys haven't had any fun at all, as I'm sure you can tell.

2. John has kept super-busy this week between football practices and preparing for school to spiff up our place for a possible near-future house listing.  SO thankful I married a hard worker!!!

3. Talk about multi-tasking!  Daniel was talking to my grandfather and totally impressing me with the one-handed action.  As long as he doesn't practice this come driver's license time.  

4. At the end of dinner earlier in the week, with full sun beaming, the skies opened up with rain and beckoned us all out to play.  What a blast!!!  Wish you could've seen the rainbow!

5. My excitement for church camp last Friday night was well warranted.  The stars were numerous, the night was cool, the singing around the campfire at Chapel in the Woods was perfect.  I couldn't make these memories up on my own, my friends.  God. Is. Good.