Monday, April 15, 2013

gadget love - kitchen scale

Scales.  I got rid of mine years ago.  It collected dust, it took up valuable space, and I never liked what it had to say anyway!

A little over a year ago, though, I brought one back into our home.  It's quaint, accurate, and too small for me to stand on...  In other words, I never mind what it has to say!

I absolutely love this kitchen scale.  In years past, as I began cooking more, there were times I thought I could have used one.  But I never would have imagined how much I would until I actually had one sitting on my counter.  

There's no reason to guess anymore about anything!  In fact, besides the typical expected uses... say the accurate measuring of flour for tedious pastry or bread recipes, or the weighing of meat called for, I love knowing now I can get the same amount of batter in both pans of a layered cake, or anything to where you're spreading combined ingredients between multiple places, for that matter.  There are a ton of uses, and you'll appreciate them all.

With an easy push of a button, this scale measures in grams and ounces/pounds... and not the kind that get too personal, either - you gotta love it!